Group coaching is the perfect solution for many business owners. You walk away with a wealth of knowledge and gain support from the group and our team of experts. At PBC we provide answers to your personal and business branding needs. With our weekly training, participants gain the tools they need to move forward with their brand.

Please note that all group programs can be adapted for One-One sessions.


Unlock Your Advantage

Designed to build your brand identity and a competitive advantage with distinction to set you apart . You'll receive on clarity how you desire to be perceived and confidence to step out of your comfort zone to stretch and become the best YOU!


  1.  Discover your brand's competitive advantage.

  2.  Secrets to brand with distinction.

  3.  Define your ideal client or career.

  4.  How to get noticed and stand out.

  5.  Create your standout blueprint.

  6.  Boost your on and offline visibility to create buzz.


Build Your Brand

You'll discover what it takes to compete and be top of mind. You'll dive deep into unearthing who you are as a brand and how to project yourself on videos to connect and engage your audience. Why it's crucial to have a landing page on prime real estate andyour podcast.


  1.    Unearth who you are.

  2.    Your brand description in 3 words (descriptives).

  3.    Your brand perception in the public eye.

  4.    What is "your brand purpose?"

  5.    What is "your brand promise?"

  6.    Your brand narrative - why you do what you do.

  7.    Your brand personality and tone of voice.

  8.    How to use videos for Linkedin and YouTube.

  9.    Create a landing page with your name & hosting.

 10.  Show up and standout with your own podcast .

 11.  How to use social and traditional media .


Make Your Name Great

The ultimate group coaching. Gain clarity, confidence and courage to transform from ordinary to extraordinary. Create your game plan with fast execution and be known as an industry specialist. Learn best practices for name recognition. 


  1.    Design a Mood Board

  2.    Discover Your Branded Identity/Personality

  3.    Learn Your Desired Brand Perception

  4.    Create a narrative about your personal brand

  5.    Brand Tone of Voice

  6.    Branded Promise

  7.    Branded Positioning

  8.    Branded Signature Style

  9.    How Public Speaking Make Your Name Great

 10.  Lights, camera, action. Filming videos to influence and get know via Linkedin, YouTube and Vlog

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