Pringle Business Consulting provides one-on-one consulting sessions to build your personal and business brand to set you apart from competitors. Our mission is helping you gain more visibility, more customers and more profits.

One-on-one sessions are customized to fit your needs.

Unsure of where to start? Here are two options for Brand Assessment.


This session is designed to getting your prospects to perceive you as the only solution to their problem. We will look at where you are currently and what it will take for you to become the right choice for your target market.


  1. StandOut 2.0 Assessment (Online Assessment).
  2. Blueprint revealing your competitive winning edge .
  3. How to talk about your brand easily and effortlessly .
  4. How to identify and communicate what makes you the best choice.
  5. Uncover your strongest brand attributes and values.
  6. Decide which marketing tools are right for you .


Are you an entrepreneur, or small/medium sized business owner whose not getting the right results? Need a stronger brand don't know where to start?

The StandOut Brand Audit will help you identify your areas of weakness and pinpoint new opportunities for innovation and growth to increase your profits.

In the StandOut Brand Audit, we'll assess your brand identity, core messages, website and social media platforms. We'll identify any kinks in the chain and recommend opportunities to refine, polish and optimize your brand and your online brand presence.


We'll also consider how your brand is currently represented across multiple channels and pinpoint exact ways in which you can improve your impact and increase your following.

Here' s how it works:

STEP 1. DISCOVERY: - you will receive the "S" Factor Workbook for you to complete. This will help me to understand where you are in business, your goals, objectives, core messages, audience, products, packages and services. It will give me a view from the inside out and the ability to give you laser-focused direction and recommendations to transform your brand. Keep in mind completing the "S" Factor Workbook will likely provide a few light bulb moments and revelations.

STEP 2. ASSESSMENT: - I will thoroughly review your "S" Factor Workbook as well as your website, social media profiles and any other relevant brand marketing materials to get a clear picture of where you are today, and assess where you need to go to become irresistible to your target audience. I'll interpret your message(s) and refine if necessary to your audience in the most meaningful and compelling way. I will create a checklist of "to-do's" that will maximize your message and leverage your online presence to position you as an authority in your industry and build your following.

STEP 3: DISCOURSE - You and I will get on the phone for an intense, 75 minute branding session where I will share the results of your assessment and we'll discuss all the ways to improve, polish and optimize your brand. We'll dissect your brand identity, core message, website and social media platforms and identify the yellow brick road to a provocative, meaningful, standout brand.

STEP 4: RESULTS - You'll receive a summary of your brand assessment, along with a recording of our call. You'll receive a 101 Ways to build a powerful personal brand inside and out. This checklist will assist to build your buzz, enhance your image, position yourself as an expert, systemize your marketing tools and attract more clients.


Brand clarity and vision, stronger competitive advantage, re-energized brand story, consistent messaging, compelling online hub, more website traffic, improved image and positioning, and expert status.

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