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Everyone is not your client! When you attempt to serve everyone - you struggle building your dream business. It is difficult to brand you and create effective marketing. In today's article I am providing 3 key questions to help influence why the right clients will pay you.

The competition today is greater than ever. What does it take to have a steady flow of clients who can pay you? Building relationships with the right target audience will increase your conversion rates into paying clients. Simply answering these 3 questions will enable you to create a plan of action to help take your business to the next level. Here are the questions that will help you standout in the marketplace:

!. What does your target audience care about?

2. What do they fear?

3. What keeps them awake at night?

Being able to connect and resonate with your ideal client(s) is crucial. People buy based on emotions. People buy people.

Allow me to explain why these questions are important.

1. What does your target audience care about? If you understand what is important to your target audience you will become relatable. It allows you to speak their language and create a relationship. This is how you can express your uniqueness that will appeal to their emotions.

2. What do they fear? Identifying your target audience fears is essential. This is an opportunity where you can become credible in their eyes. Understanding their fears enables you to create blogs, articles, and marketing messages that speaks directly to them. You are addressing why they need you They can see the benefits and results of working with you. You are seen as the hero who can come and save the day. Speaking to their fears helps you to standout in their minds.

3. What keeps them awake at night? Discovering what is keeping them awake at night provides opportunities for creating programs, workshops, books, signature talk(s) and other services that will increase profits within your business. Knowing the problem(s) they are currently facing helps you to appear relevant. Keep this in mind, being relevant is huge when positioning your brand. That's another episode in the future.

If you are wondering how to obtain the answers, simply ask your target audience. Create a survey that can appear on your website for visitors to complete. Present these questions within various online forums where your target audience exist. Here's another suggestion, reach out to current and past clients and present them with the questions. I highly recommend Survey Monkey for conducting your survey.

It's essential to obtain the answers to these 3 key questions regarding your target audience.. It will position you as the specialist who can solve their problem(s). In addition, the information helps to create marketing message(s) that resonates and impact their decision for choosing you as the solution to their problem. You will become noticed, valued and paid your fees.

I would like to know what do you think of this topic and information. Send me an email: It is important to me that I serve you well. Your feedback is truly welcomed! If you feel this article is valuable please share it.

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