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Are You Living or Existing?

I know the title sounds a bit strange. Have you ever felt that you are suppose to be doing something totally different with your life? I can honestly say that was me during the 23 years that I spent in Corporate America.

I have always felt compelled to help and serve women to live fulfilling lives. Helping women to see their uniqueness, what makes them special and distinct. Little did I know during my divorce this dream would resurface and this opportunity became a reality.

Allow me to share with you how living my dream uncovered my true identity and blessed me to live more fully and make money. During my divorce I took time to examine my life. I was facing the next chapter of my life and I wanted it to count for something bigger than before. I desired to live on purpose and to align myself with the Creator of the Universe. 

I began to pray and meditate daily seeking guidance to order my footsteps. I was led to starting my own business. Needless to say there was uncertainty about where to start. Too much information inundated my inbox that confused me more. Not until I shut down and did nothing but work on me is when clarity appeared. Digging deep within myself and remembering what I have always loved and wanted to dedicate my life's work to "serving women to become the best version of herself." 

Too make a long story short, fast forward here I am "a brand consultant" who work with female entrepreneurs and small business owners. I have an innate ability for branding with distinction....helping women to standout in the marketplace. I am growing more and more into this niche. I am being paid well for providing results for business owners. 

I am on a mission to help women eliminate the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle. The 21st Century Woman has dramatically changed from the 20th Century Woman. Women are definitely the new change agents!

The clients that I serve are primarily female Millennial. They bring me their dreams and passions seeking how to turn it into a business. Or, she may have been in business for awhile and seeking direction to take it to the next level.

I am honored and proud to serve them. Working together we clarify what is her business model, her brand, and positioning to attract clients and get paid her worth.

My clients dreams become a reality. They have a business attracting clients, solving problems, getting paid and fulfilling their dreams. Making a difference!

My dream has become a reality. I am living my purpose. I am truly on path to my divine destiny.

I am "living not existing" and my desire for you that your dreams will become a reality.

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