The Stand Out Brand Program

Unlock your Brand Distinction

How to be Noticed, Be Valued, and Be Paid by the Clients You Want Most!

A Stand Out Brand is:

  • Your claim of distinction—your “secret sauce”.
  • What differentiates you from the crowd.
  • What you will become known for.
  • Part of your Big Why for doing what you do.

It is, in essence, the DNA you create for your business. It’s your thumbprint – no one can provide the benefits and results the way that you do.

Through Linda’s proprietary system for helping clients to pinpoint the areas where you have a distinctive advantage over most of your competitors and articulate exactly what you can do to capitalize on this advantage. We help you find your distinctive edge and win in your business/career.

By participating in The Stand Out Brand Program: Unlock Your Brand Distinction you will:

  • Complete assessments that will bring clarity to your Brand Identity and distinction.
  • Discovery of how you deliver your uniqueness (divine gifts, talents, strengths, and innate abilities).
  • Learn different ways to leverage your brand and become recognized as a trusted authority with strong credibility in your industry.
  • Know how to deliver an authentic, strong brand that attracts clients consistently to prevent the “roller coaster” syndrome.
  • Build a consistent rapport with your target audience and potential clients.
  • Build your confidence when speaking about what you do, while enhancing your image and presentation.
  • Be paid your worth by the clients YOU want most.

Once you complete the program, you will have a completed brand guide including the Stand Out assessments along with practical steps, strategies, and solutions to leveraging your unique brand distinction to grow your business. You are on your way to being in the spotlight as the “go-to” trusted authority in your industry and becoming unmistakably and undeniably top of mind within your target market.

It’s YOUR TIME to Show Up, be Noticed, and Stand Out!