“Helping Female Small Business Owners Achieve Greater Results!”

Linda Pringle Evans is a highly sought after business growth consultant for female entrepreneurs and small business owners. Linda assists her clients with implementing growth strategies for generating revenue. She has the ability to see potential and possibility and turn it into action that leads to tremendous success for her clients.

Linda has a passion for empowering other female entrepreneurs and small business owners to embrace success and create powerful personal brands with style. Linda has created the “S” Factor Brand, it is a process of clarifying and communicating what makes you different and special – and using those qualities to attract your ideal clients. The “S” Factor Brand helps you to unmask your unique attributes – your strengths, skills, values, and passions – using them to differentiate YOU from your competitors. Linda will bring clarity and focus to your brand so that you are able to communicate your message more powerfully and effectively to attract the right audience – and ultimately make more money.

Linda helps savvy business women to own the stage leading face to face presentations.

She works with fellow female entrepreneurs to build their buzz, position themselves as experts in their industries, develop a success mindset and attract more clients, money and freedom. During face to face presentations she teaches how to resonate with your target market.

Linda is ready to help position you as an authority, gain greater visibility and attract more clients.